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Are you a stress eater? Are you tired of dieting? If so, this book is a concise, practical guide to permanent weight loss.

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Dr. Dave and colleague Dr. Mark share powerful strategies to help you to retrain your brain to end yo-yo dieting forever. You will learn how to change your unhealthy eating behaviors by harnessing the power of your brain.

Outsmart Your Fork Forever! What you need to do to stay on the right track for the rest of your life.

The Brain-Fork Connection: This is the key to developing the healthy habits of eating right and exercising regularly.

The Stress-Fork Connection: Calm down throughout the day through meditating, journaling, and trying new activities to stimulate your brain.

The Food-Fork Connection: Diets alone don't work. To "outsmart" your fork for life, you need to rewire the way you look at eating.

The Fit-Fork Connection: You can't out-exercise your fork, but you do need to exercise most days.

Your 10-Week Healthy Lifestyle Plan: Our 10-week plan of healthy tips, actions, and thoughts to get the brain rewiring process well underway.

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